KUKA Robots

KUKA has long been recognized as one of the top robot manufacturers in the world. They are estimated to have an installation base of over 80,000 robots with the majority of those robots operating in automotive facilities. KUKA is the world’s leading supplier of industrial robots for the automotive industry. They are known for their strong, reliable, and innovative robots which is why they are the top choice of automobile manufacturers when it comes to robotic automation.

Automotive Applications for KUKA Robots

Popular KUKA robots used for the production of automobiles include the KR210 and the KR150. These robots are used to assemble vehicle components such as engines, axels, brakes, and steering systems. The accuracy of KUKA’s assembly robots ensure all automotive components are assembled correctly for the overall safety of each vehicle. Their long reach enables access to parts at difficult angles and larger workpieces. While their precise and controlled movements provide the ability to join the most intricate of parts.

Not only do KUKA robots play a key role in the assembly of car components, but they also help transfer these items along the assembly line with their heavy-duty material handling robots. KUKA’s material handling line features some of the heaviest lifters with a payload range of up to 1300 kg. Many vehicle parts are composed of heavy metal making them impossible for human handling. KUKA’s automation for material handling applications keeps automotive assembly lines running efficiently. A KUKA KR360 can transfer a car frame from the welding station to the painting station without hesitation and within minutes.

Other applications KUKA robots are commonly deployed for in the automotive industry include arc welding and painting. Producing durable, smooth, and seamless welds is vital to the safety, reliability, and appearance of vehicles. The average car requires thousands of welds during production which is why many manufacturers will use a KUKA KR16 for welding. It is not feasible for a worker to be able to produce that many welds. KUKA welding robots produce high quality and long-lasting welds, which is vital to automotive manufacturers to ensure the integrity of their vehicles.

Painting is key to the overall appearance of automobiles and can help protect against corrosion. Producing smooth, even, and uniform paint coatings is achieved through automation with KUKA painting robots. KUKA painting robots eliminate defects from occurring during painting applications to improve the overall aesthetic and value of the cars being manufactured.

Why Choose KUKA Robots?

Automotive manufacturers have many different robot brands to choose form for their automation needs. However, many continue to turn to KUKA. In addition to the normal advantages to automating with robots, KUKA robots are innovative, intelligent, and reliable. They improve the efficiency of automobile production floors with their fast-operating speeds and high productivity. This reduces cycle times and costs helping manufacturers stay competitive and keep up with consumer demands.

KUKA robots are also some of the toughest on the market with many IP67 rated models. They even offer models that are treated with a special heat and corrosion resistant coating, ensuring their robots can handle any environment without the risk of breaking down and stalling operations.

Lastly, many automotive manufacturers choose KUKA because they increase vehicle quality. KUKA robots handle each task with precision, meeting high-quality standards to protect the integrity and safety of each vehicle manufactured.

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